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Green Toronto Meeting


Green operations practices deliver high performance buildings and promote healthy environments for associates and guests alike. By standardizing proven practices our Toronto Airport hotel has developed green operational initiatives that offer both environmental and economic benefits.

Green Key Eco Rating
Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Centre is pleased to announce it received the Hotel Association of Canada: Green Key Eco Rating of 4 Green Keys for 2014. The hotel was given this award as it has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through its wide-ranging policies and practices. The hotel has successfully implemented programs involving management, employees, guests and the public, and which have shown substantial and measurable results. Hotel Association of Canada: Green Key Eco Rating

Electronic Sales Tools
 Sustainable Meetings
Sustainable meetings integrate environmental and social concerns into the meeting process to reduce a meeting impact on the environment, and to encourage philanthropic efforts with local communities.   

When planning and conducting a meeting, you can significantly reduce paper usage by utilizing electronic sales products through web and email based communications. All marking and brand collateral is printed on recycled paper with no less than 30% post waste materials.

  • eMenus - Online menus that allow us to adjust our daily food and beverage pairings, and pricing. The menu URL can be sent directly to the meeting planners via email.
  • Floor plans and capacity charts - Meeting planners can now view the hotel's floor plans, room diagrams and capacity charts online.
  • StarGroups - Allows a unique URL for attendees to book group rooms within a block for any upcoming event or best available rates after meeting reservation cutoff.
  • Reservation Connection - An automated process for uploading room lists into our hotel reservation systems; removing the need for manual entry and paper rooming lists. Meeting planners can post the room need list online via a secure (password protected) website.
  • Reservation Cross Check - Enables the hotel to quickly compare a meeting planner's attendee registration list with an in-house reservation list to check who has booked within or outside of a particular room-block. This electronic sales tool provides accurate data on number of room nights, reservations, and cancellations.

Recycled Content Paper Products 
Every year over one billion trees are cut down to provide raw materials for American paper and pulp mills. Directing recyclable materials into production saves resources and energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and the need for disposal.

  • Many of our paper products purchased and supplied to meeting attendees are composed with no less than 30% post consumer recycled content.

Linenless Meeting Tables, China Service and Environmentally Preferred Disposable Products 
Uncovered meeting tables save the energy and water consumed to wash cloth table covers and also reduces waste deposited in landfills.

Disposable food service supplies require materials, energy, and water to manufacture and transport. After use, their disposal can cause pollution and fill landfills. Directing recyclable materials into production saves resources and energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and the need for disposal.

  • Many of our buffet tables are linenless, all replacement tables are linenless.
  • All dishes and cutlery used by the hotel are re-usable.
  • Take out containers are re-useable or composed of post recycled content and recyclable.

Bottled Water Alternatives and Condiments Served In Bulk
Serving condiments in individual packets creates both packaging and food waste.

  • All bottled water offered is composed of a minimum of 20% less plastic than conventional plastic bottles and they are sourced locally.
  • We offer food and beverage items in bulk containers on our buffets in efforts to decrease waste.

Sustainable Banquet and Catering Menu Options 
Organic farming integrates wild biodiversity, agricultural biodiversity and soil conservation, and eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agricultural practices. Pests and diseases are controlled with naturally occurring means and substances increasing agricultural yields and disease resistance. Organic farming enhances soil structures, conserves water, ensures the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and protects human health against exposure to known toxins.

  • Our culinary department has access to local produce, sustainable seafood, fair trade and organic products. Our executive chef has prepared a full sustainable menu.
  • The culinary department also controls purchasing and production responsibly to reduce waste and spoilage.
  • Meeting planners are presented with the option of using pitchers of water instead of bottled water.
  • Buffet service reduces the amount of materials, energy, and water associated with manufacturing and transporting disposable containers. Disposal of containers can cause pollution and take up space in landfills.

Meeting Space Recycling 
Waste deposited in landfills and incinerators directly and indirectly contributes to pollution and the depletion of natural resources. Landfill and incinerator processes contaminate soil, air and groundwater. Disposing of waste, rather than reusing or recycling it, accelerates the harvesting rate of new materials, a process that strains natural resource stocks and causes environmental effects associated with transportation and energy use.

  • We have created a comprehensive hotel-wide recycling program. All meeting rooms are equipped with recycling receptacles and later, all recycling is sorted to the appropriate stream by our trained hotel associates.

"Back of House" Composting of Organic Waste and Food Donation
Keeping excess food waste out of the solid waste stream can reduce the need for additional landfill space, decrease odors of decomposing food, reduce the generation of methane and decrease pollutants in landfill leachate. Food rescue also helps to reduce sanitary sewer overflows from blockages related to food solids that are disposed into municipal wastewater collection systems

  • Cooking oils and grease are separated and disposed of or recycled as special waste.
  • Surplus food items are directed to the staff cafeteria for consumption, or donated to charitable agencies and food banks as appropriate.
  • Dishwashers are always filled to capacity.

Meeting Impact Report 
Sustainable meetings comprise of practices which increase the environmental performance, social value and business impact of the meetings.

Measurement is fundamental to the success of any sustainable meeting; we can show you how your group impacted the environment with the Meeting Impact Report, available through your Convention Services Manager. Key indicators to track the current environmental benefit of activities of sustainable meetings:

  • Energy Savings
  • Water Savings
  • Waste Management, including reduction of waste sent to landfills through:
  • Recycling (glass, paper, plastic, metal) and Environmental Savings
  • Composting
  • Material Selection and Reuse
  • Sustainable Food Choices
  • Volunteer Programs Offered

Green Transportation Services Information 

Vehicle operation contributes to climate change and air quality problems through the emission of pollutants. Public transportation is also available and easily accessible for guests and meeting delegates

Guestrooms - Make a Green Choice program
The Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre is proud to give you, our guest, the opportunity to "Make A Green Choice" by conserving water, electricity, gas and chemicals.

  • You can participating in the Make A Green Choice program by forgoing your housekeeping for the day. In exchange for helping us conserve our natural resources, we'll reward you with a $5 voucher at participating food and beverage outlets or 500 Starpoints® each night you participate (excluding day of departure). Learn more about our Make a Green Choice.